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Mecanitzats Muntada, the company.

Mecanitzats Muntada was founded in 1989 in Manlleu, Barcelona. We've been adapting to the needs of our market and our costumers over more than 20 years, time enough to show our dynamism and entrepreneurship.

At present we have a staff of 5 workers in our facilities of manlleu. It's a modern 600m2 workshop that let us work simultaneously with several raw materials such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, engineering plastics, etc.

Mecanitzats Muntada interior taller.

In 2001 we became the main supplier of spares and cutting moulds for the food companies from our area, it was a challenge to develop extremely precise parts for meat cutting and food packaging machines. At this point we realised that we had technology and knowledge enough to supply other hi-tech industry sectors like aeronautics, automotive or electronics.

At the same time, since 1996 Mecanitzats Muntada was providing complex parts and spares to Seat Sport, the racing department of Seat, who won both the world Rallye Championship (WRC) and the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). That experience gave us an important knowledge on state-of-the-art materials and at minimizing the tolerances and opened some doors to made aluminum and carbon fibre parts for some Formula1 teams.

Mecanitzats Muntada has also been providing to Sherco bikes. During 6 years we've been manufacturing cylinder heads for enduro and trials racing bikes.

Mecanitzats Muntada interior taller.

But the most popular of our products are the on-board cameras. Mecanitzats Muntada is the proud supplier of Dorna for their MotoGp Championship. We buid those lean and static on board cameras and electronical stuff boxes wich record the live footages of the MotoGP races. Our cameras have the approval of MotoGP and are validated by the engineers of the Championship Teams.

Leading our company there is Kini Muntada, who is a recongnised and popular rallye codriver in Spain. His love for motorsports and his long career in national and international races gives an extra sensitivity to design, negotiate and work with the top teams and motorsport companies. In addition to those described above, Mecanitzats Muntada has been occasionally providing World Rally Championship teams such Mistubishi, Opel, Peugeot Sport, Nissan, Ford and Hyundai when testing in Catalonia. Many local specialists in the field of rallying rely on us since long ago.